WIP BG Previews for areas in Moirai

Here are some updated and new areas in Destiny Fails Us! These are places Idril can visit in Moirai.

Final editing has yet to be done, so these are subject to change by release.

Updated WIP BG Previews for Moirai High School.

This last week or so has been incredibly productive. I finished writing act 1, got a good timeline finished for act 2, got a ton of backgrounds worked on, and dabbled in character animations.

These are some of my favorite shots that I recently created/touched up for Moirai High School. Final editing has yet to be done, so these are subject to change by release.

Idril Ar’Feinel from Destiny Fails Us

I managed to fit some time in to play with this animation software during my breaks over the course of the last few days. Seeing how Idril looks makes me so happy. ^^

This is just going to be a short-ish update for now. Under the cut has some personal news, which is a little sad. 

So, today I finished writing the finale events for Act 1 for Vincent, Samson, and Alexander. Which means, I’m done writing (before editing) three of the main routes for Act 1! Yay! Now I just have to finish the Act 1 finale events for Brian, James, and OHWB, which all have one remaining scene each.

Act 1 is going to be about 60k in wordcount with about 180 choices overall. 

Anyway, I’m excited to start writing for Act 2 and 3. I’m feeling pretty great about DFU right now!

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DEVN is a survey of the demographics of people who use English to discuss the creation of visual novels, and everyone who uses plays visual novels created by the EVN community.

It’ll will be open through June 4, 2014. So if you see this before then, please let us know about yourself. 


Anonymoussaid: Are you going to do a Steam Greenlight Campaign?

It would be nice to get on steam, but at the moment I’m not going to think too much about it until we are further in development. If I start a greenlight campaign, I would like to put my best foot forward and at the moment there’s still quite a lot to work on. :)

Anonymoussaid: Can we expect a sequel when Destiny Fails Us is finished?

Possibly, but that’s for the future to decide! I would love to continue making games though, that’s for sure! :D

Anonymoussaid: FIRST! The game is so cute! I LOVE IT!!! Also, I'm sorry about the hate you've been getting! :( AND I'm really looking forward to the game! What can we expect for the full game and what have you been working on?

Thank you! Your enthusiasm is really appreciated ^^ I mean it!! 

For the full game you can expect a lot of choices, a 3 Act storyline that spans over six months of in-game time, relationships with the romance-able characters that go past the ‘confession’, friendships routes for Idril’s female friends, and celebrating certain holidays. There’s much more to look forward to in the game, but I don’t want to spoil too much. :)

Currently I am working on Act 1, with a heavy focus on writing the storyline. Development is going well. I recently finished writing the main act 1 scenes for Vincent, James, Samson, Alexander, and Brian. I am currently writing scenes for home, school, friends, and after that I will be writing the Act 1 finale. 

Some other things are being worked on too, but I can’t share those at the moment. :)

Anonymoussaid: Is there going to be full voice acting in the game at release?

No, unfortunately. I didn’t reach the amount of funding needed for a fully voice acted game. I still would like to include partial voice acting, much like I had with Idril in the demo, for the final version — but all of my attention is focused on development right now. I can’t make any promises that it will have any voice acting at release.

Anonymoussaid: How tall is Idril? She looks short.

Idril is just around 5 feet tall. So, yes. She is considered short. Other characters can occasionally make little jokes about this, like Alexander for example. Alexander starts nicknaming her “Shorty” (which can be possibly seen in a text message at the end of the demo).

Anonymoussaid: I just want to let you know I'm proud of you, and I'm impressed by all the work you've put into your otome game. I wish you the best. -Ayu S.

This is absolutely stunning! -A

Wow, A+, perfect GUI. -A

aND THE CHARACTER DESIGNS! I love the main character and Vincent! -A

Don’t mind me, just making up for the hate you got before! -A

((These was a series of messages I received and they were unfortunately mixed in with some other messages.))

Thank you so much! :)

It makes me incredibly happy to work on this game and I’m still putting in all of my effort to make it the best game I can. I hope I continue to make you proud as I continue working on it! :D

And thanks for trying to make up for the hate that I got before, that’s really nice of you. ^^

So I was searching through my messages a little while ago, and I noticed that I had quite a few anon messages that I never posted/answered. They kinda got hidden in with all of the other anon things I got, and I sincerely apologize for missing them earlier. I know I turned off anon messaging a while back due to the massive amounts of other anon messages I received but it kinda made my night to find these nicer messages.

For the next little bit, I am going to go post some of the ones I’ve found. I just wanted to thank you guys for being so great to me and receiving kind messages like these really gives me a boost in my day :)

However, I wanted to give you guys a heads up. If you want to blacklist “Ask Ame” feel free. All of the asks will be under that tag. :)


Love! Love! Fighting! webcomic has finally launched it’s Kickstarter today! YAY!! Help us get this awesome little comic into print! We’ve got lots of fun and great rewards for all of you awesome backers, including sticker sets, keychains, and pdf’s of Volume 1 and 2! If you’re unable to back this project a reblog or plug/signal boots will also help out so much <3

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on here or on my kickstarter page!


S-Morishita is an amazing person! This looks great!



On that note, the position to anyone interested in becoming a mod for otomegamerconfessions, as the ones who were interested haven’t messaged back. I have about 60+ (and climbing!) confessions in the inbox, & I rather not leave them to rot in there. Also, this blog still gets quite a few new followers as well (thank you & apologies for not having any new confessions!)

Honestly, if you have the time & a love for otome games, that’s all you really need. I already have the template set up, it’s just up to you to find an image (official art only!) and to fix up the confession.

Many thanks for those who read this!

~Mod J

If you’re interested, feel free to let them know here!

I’ve had a productive morning so far! I finished this scene, touched up some backgrounds, and finished some chores around the house.

Now I’m off to go shopping for some more material and things needed for the strawberry bags! I hope you all are having a great weekend!