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Contest Details are located here.

Here’s one of the contest entries by LlamaRider on DeviantArt.

Contest Details are located here.

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that we’re going to start a contest for Destiny Fails Us!

The contest will have a main theme of Love, and should encompass an event(s) from Chapter 3 of DFU. And while some characters in this chapter are very happy with how things turned out, Love doesn’t have to be pretty, it includes a variety of feelings - including but not limited to envy and disappointment… Use your imagination, and if you have any questions based on events during the chapter, or anything at all, please let me know.


Click Here to view my folder full of references for the characters.
If for some reason I have not provided a reference for a character you wish to use, please let me know. I will make one and upload it as soon as I can.

The Rules:

  •  It must be with the characters from Destiny Fails Us.
  •  The artwork must be drawn, digitally or traditionally.
  •  No watermark on the work. If you want to add your signature, please make it small.
  •  You can edit your work as much as you want before the deadline.
  •  More than 1 Entry Per Person is allowed, however you will not win multiple places.
  •  You have to add this journal in your favorite.  (It helps me keep track)
  •  You must send me a note, or comment on this journal with a link to your submission. I will then request your contest entry into #DestinyFailsUs-FC's Contest Folder.

The Prizes

First Place

  •  75 :points:
  •  A Custom DFU Wallpaper
  •  A Headshot Drawing by =DestinyFailsUs (Examples coming soon)
  •  A Frontpage feature on my website and a feature on my deviantART page. (1 Month)

Second Place

  •  35 :points:
  •  A Custom DFU Wallpaper
  •  A Headshot Sketch by =DestinyFailsUs (Examples coming Soon)
  •  A feature on my deviantART page. (1 Month)

Third Place

  •  15 :points:
  •  A Custom DFU Wallpaper
  •  A feature on my deviantART page. (1 Month)

When the contest is finished, all contestants work will be shown under the extras tab on my website.
Anyone that wishes to donate to the contest may, and will be greatly appreciated.


=DestinyFailsUs & ~VincentX9
We don’t judge the winners just by looking at drawing skill, but we’re also looking for the work that portrays the characters, feelings or story of DFU well and creatively. The work that impresses us most will get the biggest prize.

Personal friendship will have no influence on my judgement.


The deadline will be on June 15th, 2012.