So I’m making some Destiny Fails Us Valentine’s Day Cards. Hope you all like them! :D

So I’m working on the story arc I’m currently on in DFU… And I’m such a fangirl over my own characters. >.<!

At least if my OTP is my own character, it’s going to be canon.

…I can’t stop gushing over Idril and Vincent.

New update!

While Vincent is dealing with some rabid fangirls, Idril decides to pop up on him.

Oops, I accidentally slipped and made a video of Samson singing to Lily.

Preview Number 3 of the Video I’m working on.

Preview 2 of a video I’m working on in MMD

Preview Image of a Video I’m making. Working on the camera data now. (Or rather, when I have time to)

Have you ever felt so confused and emotional that you don’t know how to think?

James finally gets his question out to Vincent, and he doesn’t seemed to pleased with the answer.

Samson and Lily talk about their relationship.

Here’s another contest entry by JonathanTheGreat on DeviantART.

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Here’s one of the contest entries by LlamaRider on DeviantArt.

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